Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good . . .

* Those hundreds of New Zealand motorists (more than 900 at last count) who stopped and helped me out

* Countless kind New Zealanders who have opened their homes and invited me into their lives

* The Reverend Dorothy Gabriel, Anglican vicar of Dargaville, and her husband, Victor, who nursed me when sick, winter 2004

* Brian from the central North Island who not only extended an open invitation to stop and camp on his lawn when passing through — but also built an outdoor latrine for my use should he be away

* Mr James, a dentist in Gore . . . story published HERE

The Bad . . .

* Bottled Water: don't touch the stuff! Build up your natural immunity, drink what's available locally; boil if you must. The West's almost obsessive preoccupation with cleanliness, a bug free environment, excessive use of antiseptic hand washes and the like is detrimental to the serious traveller
The body is a wondrous vehicle. Toughen up — road hardened travellers rarely get sick

and . . . the Ugly