Sunday, September 17, 2006


_______________5 November 2003:
Arrive Christchurch, New Zealand, and spend first night sleeping under tree line in Thompson Park at New Brighton Beach
Spectacular fireworks display off local pier celebrating Guy Fawkes night seem a fitting bookmark to begin this journey
7 January 2004:
Succat meets Mr. "P" . . . story published Here
1 March 2006:
Commence construction of this Blog, transcribing from my original, handwritten hard copy
11 March 2006:
Ride number 500 in New Zealand . . .
Walking out of Dunedin, heading north, picked up by Couch-Surfer Leila and taken to top of Pine Hill Road at edge of city
Leila wins the choclate fish!
18 April 2006:
Tooth extracted . . . story published Here

5 May 2006:
Complete writing article: "Exiting New Zealand Cities - Part I"
Publish . . . Here
____________12 June 2006:
Hitchhiking north, camped overnight in South Canterbury, awoke to a big snow fall
Images and article . . . Here
_______________6 September 2006:
Heat from the rising sun drove me from my tent before 8.00 am this morning ... spring must soon be here. It's been a difficult winter this year; sleeping in snow and ice stopped being a novelty a long time ago
______________17 October 2006:
And I thought that summer had arrived ... slept overnight beside the road at National Park and awoke to snow on my tent. Nothing about the weather in this land can be taken for granted
____________January 2007:
Off the road this year (see my hitchhiking log) after accepting a scholarship grant for post-graduate study at a private tertiary institution: photography, advanced professional certificate — photojournalism
January 2008:
Some big changes will come into motion this year...
February 2008:
An announcement on these changes posted here:
March 2008:
Return to the road
I enjoyed my year's study — but it's good to be back!
April 2008:
Commence a parallel blog regarding the changes, here:
May 2008:
Caught out in Central Otago when the winter's first storm blasts through. Snow, hail and sleet has me stranded for five days
7 June 2008:
Caught by another snow storm while travelling through South Canterbury; a brief delay
5 - 6 July 2008:
Stranded by another winter blast sweeping up this land from the Antarctica — bringing snow, ice and freezing temperatures
August 2008:
. . . and, then came the rains; flooding and 3 weeks without sun
15 August 2008:
Off road for a week, repairs to main pack — excellent job by these people in Christchurch, highly recommended:
October 2008:
Some media attention . . . here
December 2008:
Off the road for a few days during local "holiday madness" — my posting at regarding this is here:
_____________February 2009:
Off the road at Dovedale, a rural locality in the foothills of Kahurangi, New Zealand's newest and second largest National Park: house minding and resting up
June 2009:
Off the road for month: photo shoot across the "top-of-the-south"
July 2009:
An appointment in Wellington . . . link
October 2009:
Interview with documentary film company, Wellington . . . link
July/August 2010:
Journey completed — refer back to Index of Serials